Ice Creek Tile Studio

Step by Step...

Step 1.....I start with a design that is etched into the clay.
Step 2 ....Then I decide how to divide up the design, hopefully in such away that I can hide the "seams". Perhaps by 
                    overlapping the pieces.
Step 3....Now each segment is carved with details.

Step 4 & 5 ....after all segments are carved, the pieces must all be sanded several times to ensure a nice fit (this is a constant process as the clay is now drying and all the pieces do not dry and shrink at the exact same ratios)! 
Step 6.... Leafy border that will overlap the main mural with the surounding field tiles or in this case the frame.
Step 7... All the pieces are loaded into the kiln to be fired.....hopefully all pieces survive without a mishap! The
                  bisqued pieces will generally need some grinding with a dremel to achieve a nice tight fit. 
Step 8....Glazes are applied and fired (at least 2 firings as layering glazes helps achieve the blending of color so as to
                  create realism in the finished piece. ) Many times I will fire a 3rd time.
Here is the finished "Resting Red Fox "
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