Ice Creek Tile Studio
It begins with a design and a sketch.

The Process

Before each handmade relief tile is made, an original design must be sculpted and carved from clay.  If you choose one of our open or limited editions, a plaster mold that has been made from the original carving is used. Each time a plaster mold is made, the original is destroyed in the process.            

Once the plaster mold is made, stoneware clay is hand pressed into the mold, and re-carved to create the details and undercuts that give each tile its unique qualities. The tile is dried slowly for a week to minimize warping. When it has completely dried, the tile is then fired in a kiln at approximately 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.           

Finally, the bisque tile is hand-glazed with layers of custom glazes. Some tiles will undergo multiple glaze firings. In this process, each tile becomes a unique creation like no other.           

Large custom made murals, are one of a kind designs that are made the same way, except there is no plaster mold. The absence of the plaster mold requires great care to ensure that all the pieces not only fit together well, but survive every phase during the creation of the mural.

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